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Comes into operation the transparency portal

12 december 2014

On 10 december, entered into production the transparency Portal technology platform, which provides the right of information and communication technologies (DTIC), the ministry of finance and Public Administrations, as a common solution for the whole of the General state administration implemented on infrastructure and network communication Sara.

The project, has proved to be technologically complex, owing to the multiplicity of sources of information and the heterogeneity of the data models and schemes agreed interoperability for active “ publicity ”, which is that part of public information, as established by law 19/2013, should be made available to citizens, in the transparency Portal, for its free consultation and relates to institutional information content, legal relevance or economic, budgetary and statistics.

From the preliminary analysis of the assets of the information classified as “ active ” advertising have identified various categories in the light of its source and how they will be given to transparency. And may be Centralized, comes from a single source of information, Distributed when information concerning the same area comes from multiple sources, when there are Joint parties from sources, and other centralized, distributed and, when Linked not caught in the transparency Portal, but since then, refers to another web portal, as can be the case of the budget.

The design of the overall solution, is strongly linked to the fundamental principles of the collaborative work, the reuse, interoperability and harnessing the benefits derived from the free software, whose defence is a tradition in the work of the state secretariat for public administrations.

As an essential element in the technological solution, we can point to the search engine, which is developed on Lucene, Apache project, which allows us to manage documents of naturalness varied, as official Word, pdf and any type of data will be to extract information. The software developed allows labelling of results, establish relevance to the elements indexed, searches, are located near results …. All this with some spectacular response times considering the amount of information accessible.

Moreover the transparency Portal, that in the first 24 hours of existence has served more than one million pages at 150,000 views, also offers a electronic service to citizens to exercise their right of access to public information, under the law, once identified and authenticated through Cl@ve platform, which has been integrated into the transparency Portal.

  • Open government
  • Interadministrativa cooperation