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New Local Progresses e-fácil - settlement of electronic invoicing and telematics constitution companies at local level

02 april 2014

Published the first Roadmap of AL-eFacil

Implementation of the recording of Invoices (RCF) for the implementation of the law on electronic invoicing:

  • Recovery of invoices from the register of invoices in state "pending" (8) instead of recovering the invoices in state "Pte. Sending the ERP" (4). So the invoices going directly into the register of invoices from accounting. Is the reason why the entry of the new law.
  • Unique identifier for invoices in e-fácil and ERP. Change the WS to receive and send ID of the invoice from the PRS and the Administrative registration Efacil (would tie in with the previous point since it would be necessary to update the WS communication between both).
  • Amendment to be admitted only facturae 3.2.1 (Opens in new window)

Improvements carried out by the royal City v1.1:

  • Support for CIFs in european format. Companies can generate invoices where CIFs are european format (e.g. ESP1300000E). Older versions of efácil could not stand this aspect, and an error occurred.
  • The reason for refusal from the tramitador ALSIGM, when not in conformity the invoice. Currently, the employer has no information about what has not followed your invoice.
  • Improving the aspect of the plates of entry and exit of invoices for implementation, including in the menu option to send the bill.

Access to the Roadmap of AL-eFacil:
https :// forge _ of _ the _ e-f A1CIL% C3% (Opens in new window)

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