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The project STORK 2.0 organized its first meeting of the industry

12 september 2013

Logo STORK 2.0

The meeting will take place on 26 september 2013 during the World congress in nice eID

The project STORK 2.0 (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed - safe Identities linked across borders) represents a step forward in the creation of infrastructure and a fully operational framework for the identity and authentication in the eu.

STORK 2.0 will organize its first meeting of the industry on 26 september 2013, during the World eID Congress (World Congress of electronic identification), to be held in nice (France). This meeting of 90 minutes, programmed to 15:30 14:00, will aim to inform industry players of electronic identification, standardization, on progress, results and applications of the project, as well as maintain, following the presentations, an open discussion with the participants in the evidence to say and share their views.

Participants from STORK 2.0:

  • John Heppe, Senior Consultant of Indra, responsible for the central work package
  • Herbert Leitold, head of division Graz A-SIT, partner, STORK 2.0
  • Jaime Martín Pérez, project leader, Atos Research & Innovation, coordinator of STORK 2.0
  • Frank Leyman, Gerente de Relaciones Internacionales de FEDICT, Vice Presidente del Consejo Internacional de las TIC en la Administración Pública (ICA), socio de STORK 2.0


  • Introduction to the meeting: Herbert Leitold
  • Technical infrastructure and presentation of a demo: Herbert Leitold - John Heppe
  • Pilots of the real world and experience of use of STORK: Jaime Martín Pérez
  • Open discussion - added value for the sector: Frank Leyman

The meeting of the industry of STORK 2.0 will be open to visitors of the World Congress of electronic identification ( World eID Congress (Opens in new window) ) y no implicará coste adicional respecto de la tasa de inscripción como delegado en las conferencias.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, you must register properly through paypal platform of the congress ( link (Opens in new window) )

More information about STORK 2.0 (Opens in new window)

  • Free Software
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