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Election of seville and Huesca deal with the collaboration between the two electronic administration

14 november 2013

The plenary of the provincial corporation huesca has adopted a protocol of collaboration between the Candidacies of Huesca and seville that will allow for the exchange of information, experiences and projects of the electronic administration.

In a note, the diputació de Sevilla reported that, thanks to this protocol, enables the assignment between the two institutions of their respective 'software' and use the one of the other. "Advantage tools and applications that we have seen that perform well and can be implemented in the other institution", have agreed to note both responsible. This allows a Diputació offer another their respective letters of services that include both electronic management products, such as those related to local management.

Each letter services includes detailed information of each product, with the aims of each, technical requirements to comply with both the server as the customer, the technologies used and, in short, all those indicators that facilitate the work and collaboration between the two institutions.

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