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Awards will impact on innovation

14 may 2013

The european commission has announced the finalists of the first call for prizes for innovation in public administration.

The European Commission has announced the finalists (Opens in new window) of the first call of prizes to innovation in public administration ”, which included the Draft Contributes ( (Opens in new window) ), joint initiative of the secretary of State of public administration and the secretariat of state of telecommunications and information society. The call is part of the initiative “ Innovation Europe ”, one of these seven lines of action arising out of the strategic plan of the european union “ europe 2020 ”, which seeks to foster growth, inclusion and innovation in the union and its Member states.

The call has three categories of prizes:

  • Initiatives to the citizen: assistance to older persons, environmentally friendly transport, participatory budgets, etc.
  • Initiatives to the company: creation of platforms for new business networks, support for rural entrepreneurs through instruments of electronic commerce, etc.
  • Initiatives of education and research: new approaches in vocational training, improvement of the learning environment in primary school, helps the undertaking by researchers, etc.

The intention is to grant three awards in each category endowed with an economic contribution of €100,000 to continue activities within the framework of the award-winning. In the selection of winners initiatives valued

  • Originality and ease of reproduction of the initiative
  • Economic importance to the community
  • Social importance to the community
  • Use to which they intend to earmark money for the award.

Have been submitted to the convening 204 initiatives member states and partners in the european Union. Our country, with four finalists, is the Member state that the largest number of initiatives in the final list of candidates.

The candidacy in the category of initiatives for the company, Draft Contributes, was chosen in the short-list final jury votes . The nomination is accompanied by letters of support of public institutions of different administrations, businesses infomediarias Spanish and international standardization.

The resolution of the jury will be known in the second half of may, which is due to announce the winners in the Irish city of Cork on 6 june 2013 within the 2013 of WIRE (Week of Innovative Regions of Europe).

The project Provides is a joint initiative of the ministry of finance and public authorities and the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism in collaboration with Registrar

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