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Cabildo de Tenerife, and the university of La Laguna, develop a software application to the consultation public data.

20 march 2013

The objective of the project is to develop a platform open database that allows access and reuse of public sector data by citizens and businesses.

This initiative, a pioneer in the canary islands, will make available to society in a free data from different organizations, mainly of public administration and projects that have been funded by public money, for use.

The implementation, which has still not activated, already has a website where you are entering data both del Cabildo, at the Universidad de La Laguna and FEULL (fundación empresa Universidad La Laguna). In Addition, are developing some applications, such as youth house or school gardens, and the purpose is to assist institutions to incorporate new data, indicated the responsible for the project.

The opening of these public data, also known as OpenData, consisting in placing information available to the public sector to be available to anyone in digital formats, standardized and open, following a clear structure in the spirit. At the same time provides access to this information with the purpose of encouraging reuse.

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