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The government is leading a forum for collaboration with the private sector to promote the reuse of public information

23 june 2013

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There has been the launch meeting of forum "Public-Private Partnerships in the area of re-use of public Sector information (Forum CPP-RISP)"

This morning has been held at headquarters of Registrar the launch meeting of the “ Forum Public-Private partnerships in the area of re-use of public Sector information (Forum CPP-RISP) ”, which aims to drive innovation and generate business around the use of data that produce the various administrations.

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism (MINETUR) is represented in the forum by the secretariat of state of telecommunications and for the information society (SETSI) and by the public agency Them joins the state secretariat for Public Administrations, the ministry of finance and Public Administrations, represented by the General directorate of Administrative Modernization, procedures and momentum of E-government.

By the private sector, the forum concentrating Multisectoral Partnership of companies of electronics, information and communication technologies, telecommunications and digital content (AMETIC); the spanish association of Digital Economy (Adigital), the Multisectoral Partnership information (ASEDIE), the forum CPP-TIC, The App Day and the CTIC Foundation, run by the european project ePSIplatform.

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