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MEDEA - management Methodology development projects of the university of Murcia

14 june 2012

The university of Murcia makes available to the rest of AAPP, through the ptt, MEDEA Methodology

This methodology based on processes (type UP, CMMi, SWEBOK) pursuing the continuous improvement, by providing standards, tools and techniques that facilitate the management of a project of software development from conception until its closure, covering the entire life cycle. MEDEA pursues the continuous improvement, being its main objective the improvement of the quality of software developments:

  • Defining systematic processes for the construction of software
  • Establishing precise tasks processes
  • Drafting instructions to carry out the tasks and using the tools
  • Providing standard tools
  • To provide the necessary devices (templates)
  • Defining roles
  • Establishing metrics and undertaking measures

For more information on the initiative PTT MEDEA