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Release of the Web application of the office management – AWR registration

04 october 2011

The Directorate-General to promote the E-government had just released EUPL under license v1.1 a web application to the office management of records, called by their acronyms AWR

In summary form, AWR is a comprehensive solution that provides coverage to be twofold. Firstly, serves as a tool of registration of documents in and out of registration offices and is adapted to the technical standard of Interoperability SICRES 3.0. It would also enable the integration with the network system of Registers – SIR (article 34.4 of law 11/2007) natively, provided they agree on the technical and legal conditions of interoperability between DG the E-government and the agency concerned.

Therefore, taking into account these interesting features of interest to any public administration, it is a highly reusable product. In Addition, their release as free software, facilitates a collaborative evolution and development among all administrations concerned, thereby permitting economizing and optimize available resources.

You can find more information about this initiative in the cst.

In addition, the forge collaborative development of the PTT, will be the engine and support of the future collaborative development of this initiative. All downloads both enforceable, as of documentation and of course of the source code are available in the forge.


NOTE: The AWR solution has been abandoned and no longer are offered through the CST.

  • Open government
  • Free Software
  • Centre for technology transfer


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