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Improved usabilidd from technology transfer

06 june 2011

Incorporation of new functions within the cst

Since the start up of the directory of initiatives of the PTT at the end of december, we have contínuado working to improve the service we offer our users.

Thanks to the feedback of our end users and the experience accumulated during these months we manufacture the new version of the directory of initiatives of the PTT. It is a tremendous improvement usabilidd and clarity of contents are to end-users and of course also make it easier for editing tasks managers of initiatives.

Especially noteworthy is the change in the download area. The tab "Área" download now contains all downloads of the project, both the public and specific to the users of Public administrations. Depending on the role which visit this tab to display Only public downloads or show all downloads.

In the download area of PTT project you can find updated user manuals.

We hope that these changes will meet and we have achieved our goal of improving the quality of service of the PTT. Of course you can continue sugeriéndonos improvements that we will have in mind for future versions of the PTT.

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