PAe - release of @firma client
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Release of @firma client

27 october 2010

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION in order to promote the E-government manager of the continental @firma, has released the client of electronic signature


The D.G for the momentum of E-government, manager of the platform @firma, has released as open source software one of the fundamental pieces related to the use of this platform, the client of electronic signature of @firma. It is also a reference solution to meet the identification and authentication described in the Chapter II of law 11 / 2007 electronic access of citizens to public services (LAECSP).

Specifically is released the latest version of the client, version 3.1. This release is done with a dual license: GPL v3 and v1 EUPL.

It is also important to note that the client of @firma is the first project from the centre of technology transfer that begins to use all the capabilities of CTT as forge collaborative development: forums, records, code repository (SVN), mailing lists, etc. The Forging of CTT is the technological environment in which it occurs this release and which is the development community around this product open sources.