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The Meeting Brings 2019

06 november 2019

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Under the theme “ promoting the data of high value ” of the 9th edition Provides Meeting will address the challenges and opportunities that we will need to be addressed to all the value of this type of data.



Spatial data infrastructure, environmental, meteorological, statisticians, related to commercial companies and mobility. These are the 6 categories of data that are considered high value for the new european legislation on open access and reuse of public sector information. Six categories of data, which is key to stimulate innovative services and generate large environmental and socio-economic benefits.

Date and place

The meeting will take place on 18 december in meeting tomorrow (9:00-15:00) in the dag hammarskjöld state secretariat for Digital to progress in Madrid (C/Poet Joan Maragall, 41). Ministry of Economy and business.

The topics to be addressed

The agenda (Opens in new window) the meeting APORTA  it will be structured in the 3 round colloquium, each focusing on various actors linked to the ecosystem of data:

  • Table 1. To the availability of data. Representatives of the public administrations will discuss what data sets of high value are currently available and what it ought to be the future.
  • Table 2. Accelerating the use of data. Representatives of business aceleradoras explained that actions are under way to help smes, start-ups and entrepreneurs to start businesses based on data.
  • Table 3. New paradigms in technology and the importance of data for their development. Reutilizador sector actors will be discussing opportunities for high-value data to create innovative products and services that help to citizenship.

What is to be able to attend?

Access is free of charge. Stakeholders can be registered through accessible form here (Opens in new window) .

We encourage the entire community of open data book on 18 december to participate, discuss and share their experiences in the Meeting Brings 2019 .

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