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Spain has reached a leadership position in the development of E-government . The results of 2010 of the biennial report of United Nations have located in our country among the top 10 of world ranking (Opens in new window) , reflecting the high capacity to provide electronic services to citizens by our public administrations. Spain has become a success story of the E-government.

This has been the result of a constant effort in the last five years . Under the legal framework Law 11/2007 (Opens in new window) and with the momentum of the national strategy to promote the development of the information society ( Moving Plan (Opens in new window) ), our administration has greatly improved the ability to serve citizens with the full integration of the electronic media to your daily activity. Citizens are particularly aware of the effort, and may exercise its full right to interact electronically with the General administration of the state, where more than 90% of the more than 2000 tape as possible have an online version, which allows from homes and businesses without movement 98% of transactions that are demanded to state administration. Key to achieve this accomplishment, was the “ Action Plan of the law of citizens' access to public services (Opens in new window) ”, which has been the backbone of E-government strategy in this period.

The years between 2011 and 2015 are presented as the period in which the E-government has to demonstrate their role in public value creation . Las Tecnologías de la Información han de ser el motor de la transformación de las Administraciones Públicas, que permitan a estas hacer frente a los vertiginosos procesos de cambio a los que nos enfrentamos, de la mano de un fortalecimiento de las relaciones con la sociedad. Los servicios electrónicos han de ser la puerta siempre abierta que franqueé el acceso a un espacio de encuentro, dónde Administración, ciudadanos y empresas construyan de modo conjunto las mejores y más óptimas soluciones a los retos sociales, económicos y medioambientales, enabling the development of a society intelligent, integrated and sustainable (Opens in new window) .La estrategia del desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica en nuestro país en el próximo quinquenio estará marcada por tres documentos clave: Malmö Ministerial declaration (Opens in new window) , Digital Agenda for Europe (Opens in new window) , Action Plan of E-government 2011-2015 European (Opens in new window) . These documents, together with the overall strategy of Information society Government ( 2 Moves Plan (Opens in new window) ) marked by the special conditions socio-económicas of our country, will be the letter of navigation for the construction of the E-government in the coming years.. The E-government has to facilitate achieve new goals: A Public Administration for a more sustainable society more productive and participative.

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