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Instruments of execution of the action plans

As a support to the action plans, parliament and making Council to launch programs that provide financial resources for European Commission and Member states. In the first group, contains the programme ISA that allows the commission develop tools and services that contribute to interoperability between Administrations. In the second, is the programme CIP (ICT-PSP), which through annual allocation finances cross-border projects as STORK or EPSOS.

The programme ISA

The ISA program (Opens in new window) aims to facilitate cross-border interaction and intersectoral among European public administrations, to enable the delivery of public services transboundary electronic and ensure the availability of common solutions. Its priorities will be based on a strategy of European interoperability recently adopted. actions to be undertaken will fall into four areas of activity:

  • Creation of common frameworks in support interoperability (policies, strategies, specifications, methodologies, guidelines and other similar approaches)
  • Development of reusable generic tools for different administrations and sectoral areas
  • Implementation of common services (operational applications and generic infrastructure to meet the needs of the different areas of public policies)
  • Analysis of the impact of the TIC in the application of EU legislation.

The programme CIP (ICT-PSP)

The CIP program (ICT-PSP) (Opens in new window) aims to stimulate greater penetration of innovative services based on the TIC and exploitation of digital content throughout Europa by citizens, governments and companies, in particular the financing PYME.La goes mainly to pilot actions, with the participation of both public and private organizations, for validation in real environments, innovative and interoperability services based on the TICK in areas such as:

  • TIC to health, ageing and inclusion;
  • Digital libraries;
  • TIC for improving public services;
  • TIC Energy Efficiency and intelligent mobility;
  • Multilingual website and the evolution of the Internet.

The Spanish public administrations actively participate in several of these projects. You can find more information in: " Projects involving CIP Spanish ".

Interoperability between European Administrations

Within the program ISA has developed as first piece an important tool for the implementation of electronic administration in Europa: an agreement between all parties on the strategy and Interoperability framework for cross-border services, with which should be aligned your own member states.

Both pieces are included eb the communication ' Towards the interoperability of European public services (Opens in new window) » Provides for the establishment of a common approach to public administrations of member states to help citizens and businesses to take advantage of the single market of the HAT. In order to overcome the limitations presented to it (the so-called electronic barriers), it is necessary that the public administrations can exchange information and cooperate in the provision of public services across borders. This requires ensure interoperability between public administrations, for this communication includes an annexed interoperability strategy (Opens in new window) and interoperability framework (Opens in new window) at European level agreed between the European Commission and member states.