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The digital processing of the public Sector must be accompanied by organizational and technical measures to protect the information managed and the services provided, proportionate to the risks from unintended actions or illicit weapons, particularly the cyber threats, errors or shortcomings and accidents or disasters.

The Law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities (Opens in new window) collects between the rights of persons in their relations with public administrations, set out in article 13, the relative “ to the protection of personal data, and in particular the security and confidentiality of the data included in the files, systems and applications of the public administrations ”. At the same time that security is among the principles of action of the public administrations, as well as the guarantee of protection of personal data, as provided for in the Law 40/2015, of 1 october, from The Legal Regime of the public Sector (Opens in new window) in its article 3 which deals with the general principles relating to the relations of the administrations by electronic means.