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The european system of recognition of electronic identities - eIDAS


The node eIDAS allows mutual recognition of electronic identities in europe.

The node eIDAS english is a project that allows the mutual recognition of electronic identities in europe. In particular easier acceptance of the Electronic identity card in E-government services of other european administrations as well as the identification of european citizens in public services using a spanish means of identification of their country of origin.

This node is a component in interoperability that connects to the electronic services and the national identification systems, and with nodes of other member states, and allows for the recognition of electronic identities issued by other countries according to the EIDAS regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (Opens in new window) .

The node eIDAS english is based on the reference implementation the european commission has developed technical specifications of the regulations, and operates a system of exchange of messages according to standard SAML 2.0. This project is supported by the end of the construction of eID promoted by the european mechanism FSB (Connecting Europe Facility) and on the experience gained in the EUROPEAN project s STORK and STORK 2.0 to facilitate a unique area of identification and authentication for europe.

For the public administrations, integration with nodename eIDAS english takes place through the system Cl@ve .

From september 2018 begins the obligation of mutual recognition of cross-border electronic identities served on the European Commission, so that all public services must be able to offer the possibility of ownership of media electronic identity of other countries, provided that they have been reported. In this section will be updating the electronic identification systems reported by the various member states.


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