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Administrative notifications

Since the publication of law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public administrations, the notifications from the public administrations are regulated by articles 40 to 44 of this law.

Provides practice preferably through electronic means that in any case is presented in this medium in addition to the path on paper, which will be only for those non-bound to the relationship. The law establishes as being made available to the e-mail enabled Only, the agency's headquarters, or both.

Suite of products related to administrative notifications

The General Secretariat of Digital Administration ministry for economic affairs and Digital Transformation has launched a series of initiatives by which to make progress in the implementation of the notifications in all administrative areas and to facilitate the appearance by citizens and businesses.

There are various modalities in the service is provided:

Services to the public authorities

Common services are those that can be integrated into various applications for building or sustain a service of electronic administration

  • Shared service Notifications of management (Notifies) (Opens in new window) . Provides a platform to manage all notifications and communications generated in the issuer, so that they need to be the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • E-Mail Address Is Only Enabled (Opens in new window) . If you do not use can be made to Reports, with the Dehú directly through the web services, such as Public Service radio electronic notifications. In this way, the notifications to citizens and businesses will be available in a single point for the convenience of users.

Services to citizens and enterprises

  • E-Mail Address Is Only Enabled (Opens in new window) . Accessible via (Opens in new window) aims to facilitate access and compelled to notifications, in addition to the reduction in the dispersion of shipments. To this end, it is working on the progressive entry of an increasing number of agencies in order to compile a single point the notifications and communications of the public administrations of Spain. In the case of major beneficiaries of notifications, are available about web services for the consultation and appearance of an automated way.
  • E-Mail Enabled (Opens in new window) . Temporarily portal will be maintained for the electronic address Enabled accessible via (Opens in new window) while all agencies are moving issuers notifications to the Dehú. This service shall be withdrawn shortly in favour of the Dehú.