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The city of rincón de la Victoria working on the introduction of E-government.

16 april 2013

This is a new organisational model that aims to the modernization of administrative management.

As indicated by the edil, “ introduction of the E-government will be very interesting for citizens and businesses, since they might telematic paperwork during 24 hours a day without having to travel to the city. It will be a new environment in relation to citizens and businesses ”.

To that end, there will be a folder of citizens, where the citizen to request you may consult receipts and records management to issue letters of payment, autoliquidar different rates municipal schools, managing complaints and suggestions or pay rates fords, weddings and other procedures.

También habrá una Carpeta del Proveedor a disposición de las empresas que lo soliciten donde podrán consultar facturas, fianzas y avales, gestionar solicitudes sobre documentación o cuentas bancarias y solicitar documentos diversos.


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