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The payment gateway Telematic payment service (SPT)

  • Short Name:
    The payment gateway Telematic payment service (SPT). Managed, maintained and evolved until 2 October 2020 by Law and released since then as free software for reuse by civil service agencies regional and local as well as local public sector.
    Allows collaboration in the collection management maintained by financial institutions and government agencies to a telematic environment. So that with a single technical integration the agencies can collaborate in a simple and transparent with multiple financial entities and vice versa. it allows the incorporation of TPV for payment processing with origin and destination in different financial entity.
    Supports C57 banking standards, and C65 C60. Position into account, credit card payment EE.FF. characteristic of the card and Others (TPV).
    Target audience:
    Business , Autonomous Communities , Local Entities , Aggregations of local entities , Large town councils
    Installable product
    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic area :
    Technical area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP
    Functional area:
    Economy and finance
    Apache Software License
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