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Portfolio of ict solutions SCSP - Replacement of Paper Certificate

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    SCSP-Replacement of Paper Certificates are standards orientated for the exchange of data and information between public administrations. T he aim is to eliminate paper certificates. SCSP Libraries makes easier the integration of this platform with ict compatible systems. This integration uses SCSP specifications.
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    Any Public Administration
    Network service for end-users, Installable product
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    Infrastructure or common service, Application
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    Services for the Horizontal AA.PP, One Assets
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    Staff documents, Government and public sector
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    The objective of SCSP is to specify the protocol; the mechanism of information exchange between public administrations for the elimination of administrative certificates in paper and therefore access to basic records. The Interoperability Technical Standard of data brokering protocols has determined what the roles of the participants are and has also specified that SCSP is the protocol used by the Spanish public administrations.

    The SCSP specification defines a set of messages defined by their corresponding XSD schemas

    • Submission of requests and responses is done through web services;
    • XML format for data transmissions;
    • The system enables synchronous or asynchronous request-response;
    • The messages are signed with XML Dsig (SCSPv2) or WS-Security (SCSPv3).

    Messages can be general, common to all services or may be specific depending on each administrative certificate or concrete access to basic registration. Thus, presenting an expandable model with access needs to new data. Likewise, the specification also defines how these exchanges of messages should be performed.

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