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Change of Service Notification Address

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    The Change of Address Notification Service brings together all the update procedures required for citizens to inform all public administration bodies of a new address.
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    Network service integrable in customers applications , Network service for end-users
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    Common service Infrastructure.
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    Horizontal services for the AA.PP , Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen , Support for the processing mail
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    Government and public sector, cities and Regions
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    The Change of Address Notification Service is aimed at facilitating the administrative procedures legally associated with a change in the place of residence where citizens are registered. Its secondary goals, resulting from the main objective, are:

    • To offer citizens an easy, unique access point to inform public administration bodies of their new address.
    • To develop a system of trust for the secure exchange of information between the bodies and agencies involved.
    • To work with other public administrations in the development of procedures to provide common services to citizens.
    • To improve data quality and make it easier to process information by management units.

    The Change of Address E-Notification Service enables citizens to effectively inform all the levels of the public administration (national, regional and local) that they have changed their address through a single access point (either virtual or physical). It thus replaces several physical procedures, which means it has advantages for both citizens and the public administration.

    The following activities of Change Notification includes Address:

    • Citizen’s request to change their address in one of two different scenarios:

    Face-to-face (physical) tokiko Hall at the Town prozedura: When registering at the municipal registry, they can ask to inform of their new address to the relevant bodies.

    Online prozedura: They make their request online, at the web portal https://cambiodomicilio.redsara.es after registering at the municipal registry.

    • In the first scenario, the municipal body sends the signed census registration certificate (VE). In the second scenario, the portal sends a request to the Town Council for a digital VE in XML format with a digital signature.
    • Notification of the new address to relevant bodies and sending of digital VE. Use of MINHAP change of address notification broker for AGE (General Administration) agencies.
    • Sending of digital VE to state administrative units and bodies (from the change of address notification broker).
    • Address unit and administrative _ information, balio bodies.
    • Address of change of notification berrestea.