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Sara sarea

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    SARA sareak
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    PdP (Leiho berri batean Irekitzen Du)
    The network Sara (applications and networks for the administrations) is a set of communications infrastructure and basic services that connects networks of Spanish public administrations and institutions facilitating the exchange of information and access to services.
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    Public Administration Any
    Network service infrastructure
    Solution of Type:
    Common service Infrastructure.
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    Organic arloa:
    Laguntza arloa
    Messenger and Communications infrastructure, services for the AA.PP Horizontala
    Functional arloa:
    Government and public sector
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    This implementation is established as an obligation in Article 43 of 11/Law. (LAECSP in Art.. 13 4. - 2010 Royal Decree governing the in the, and. Uztaila 2011 of Resolution 19 approving the Interoperability Technical Specification for the requirements to connect to the communication network of the Spanish public administrations, establishing the conditions under which any member of an administration or public entity linked or dependent of that will access the SARA Network. The Agreement of Council of Ministers of 29 th April, 2011 approved the "Plan for promoting the incorporation of IPv6 in Spain." Red SARA is essential for this purpose and has already incorporated this protocol.


    Fidagarritasuna: fully meshed network with no single points of failure, latest technology and support 24x7x365.

    Security: encrypted traffic and security incidents early warning system, in collaboration with the CCN-CERT.

    Capacity : 10 Gbps in Ministries and 100 Mbps in local governments.

    Quality of Service (QoS) data: its nature treated according to each da.

    Interoperability: Common Gateway IPv6 for e-Government services to be accessible to citizens using IPv6 connections. sTESTA network connectivity to the European institutions.


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