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Integrated management system of population and territory

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    Sistema de gestión integrada municipal del padrón municipal de habitantes y el territorio, en software de código abierto orientado a implantación centralizada en modo ASP (multimunicipio) o en modo individual.
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    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Pomegranate Provincial Office
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    Orihuela Ignacio
    Tf: 958 247 617

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
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    Technical Area:
    Soporte a la tramitación electrónica , Gestión de servicios y sistemas
    Functional Area:
    Government and public Sector, Personal Documents
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    Full name of the initiative:

    Integrated management system of population and territory


    Esta solución se ajusta a las normativas que establece la legislación en dicha materia y además puede ser implantada también de forma individual para cada municipio que lo desee.



    El proyectos es una solución software de gestión del padrón municipal de habitantes, multientidad, que permite una implantación centralizada pero con una gestión descentralizada e independiente por cada entidad/municipio integrados en dicha solución.

    Funcionalmente el sistema debe asegura el cumplimiento de la normativa legal vigente en materia de:

    to) management of municipal registers inhabitants and territory.
    (b) electoral rolls and statistical treatment of such information.

    Municipal registers management: it would require extensive management on the Operating high, low and modifications inhabitants and historic, for any cause. Moreover enabled a shortcut for citizens to consult and apply for certain documents. Furthermore the functions of information exchange with the INE.

    Management of the territory: allows to give support to the territorial definition of municipalities that is necessary for referencing the direction of the inhabitants and must provide at least 2 visions: conventional Georeferenced and.

    Voters, the module allows the management of polling stations including:

    a. Burden of Voters files
    b. Lot automatic and/or manual of components of polling stations.
    (c. Listings and official documents of constitution of polling stations.
    d. Notifications to the components.
    e. Exploitation of data: participation, allocation of seats, …


    The technical requirements are minimal and is also multiplatform, being supported his execution by JBOSS can run on Windows or Linux systems, both on the server and clients. The minimum requirement for the hardware a medium council would be a core server with 4 GByte Main 100 of RAM and HD GByte Main Xeon processor.




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