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Reducing Urls

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    Access to RUN (Opens in new window)
    RUN implements a simple solution of generation of URLs for an improvement in the efficiency of the referral of web addresses via email, sms, twitter or any electronic means to allow adminsitraciones addresses more easily generate more remindable ones type and thus avoid the use of extremely long addresses.
    Target audience:
    Every Public Administration
    Responsible Agencies:
    Ministry of economic and Digital Transformation
    State secretariat for Digitization and Artificial intelligence
    Secretariat-General for administration Digital
    Service in the end user network

    For the use of application RUN should complete the form available at:
    https :// (Opens in new window) and indicate Agency petitioner, and name, surname, tax identification number of people who will have access to the URLs. It is imperative that the agency has enabled access to the network Sarah manager use RUN.

    Type of Solution:
    State of the solution:
    Organic Área:
    Technical Área:
    Horizontal services for AA.PP
    Functional Área:
    Government and Public Sector
    Not applicable
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    RUN has two sections, one public where anyone familiar with a short URL can access the address (Opens in new window)  y automáticamente, RUN redirige a la URL larga asociada. Por otra parte, se dispone de un backend de gestión donde los usuarios, mediante el uso del certificado digital, accede a las URLs de su grupo, donde podrá editar las descripciones, las direcciones cortas y largas, y además, efectuar comparativas de clics entre las URLs de su grupo.


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