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Sistema Aragonés de Publicación de la información del Perfil de Contratante

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    Contracting profile march
    The system of publication of the contracting profile march government provides in compliance with the art.42 of LCSP. Allows you to publish to all agencies and AAPP the territory in security and availability.
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    Good Practice
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    Economic and financial management, management of services and systems
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    Political, technical
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    JAVA, J2EE



    The Law 30/2007 of October 30, government contracts provides in Article 42 the obligation of the recruitment agencies of spreading through the “ Contracting profile ” information concerning the contract award procedures to ensure transparency and public access to information concerning your contractual activity.

    The system is accessible from the addresses:

    To this end, the system complies with the following objectives:

    • Dissemination via the Internet from contracting profile recruitment bodies.
    • Inclusion in the contracting profile information concerning the contractual activity of the contracting authority, such as useful information of a general nature, announcements of information or final awards contracts and in any case bid information temporary contracts.
    • Incorporation of mechanisms to reliably verify the start of the public dissemination of information.

    Additionally, contemplates the possibility that through convention, the rest of Adminsitraciones of the Autonomous Community can use this tool to publish your information from Contracting profile to allow the publication with the maximum guarantees and increase the level of transparency through the concentration of information in a single portal recruitment.


    The measurable results to obtain are directly associated with the level of compliance of a law of the characteristics of contract law of the public Sector, i.e. a total compliance in both the quantity of procedures, as in the number of ads and interim and final Awards.

    On the other hand, it is possible to quantify the number of agencies and local administrations that still authorized by law, to establish their own mechanisms of publication of the Contracting profile, with the government convenian march to use this tool.

    As indicators of use will be measurable:

    • The number of accesses by citizens and by public employees
    • The number of Administrative Documents published
    • The number of registered users in the tool

    Following the customer support to users:

    • The number of consultations and resolute


    Besides the mandatory LCSP, in March tried to improve the procedure for publication both for users and the organization itself:

    • Removing the prescription of mandatory referral of accompanying documents (sheets) at the service of Administrative Information
    • Unificando los formatos y contenidos de los Anuncios de Licitación y Adjudicación de cara a su publicación en el correspondiente Boletín.
    • Incorporating electronic signature in the daily work of those responsible for recruitment.

    In the medium term are planned new enhancements aimed mainly to increase the level of efficiency in the process of publication of procurement information

    • Generating documents resolution.
    • Generating the award from the Advertisement Published
    • Integrando el Perfil con el Boletín Oficial para una sincronización automática de las publicaciones
    • Establecimiendo of an alert system associated with the management.

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