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Metodología de Gestión de Proyectos de Desarrollo de Software de la Universidad de Murcia

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    Methodology based in processes (type UP, CMMi, SWEBOK), which aims to the continuous improvement, providing standards, techniques and tools to ease the management of a project of software development, from conception until its closure, covering the entire life cycle of the same.
    Target audience:
    Company, Any Public Administration
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    Section of methodologies, standardization and Software quality

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
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    Technical Area:
    Electronic processing
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    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    MEDEA pursues the continuous improvement, being its main objective the
    improving the quality of software development:

    • Defining systematic process for the construction of software
    • Establishing specific tasks in processes
    • Developing instructions to make the tasks and using the tools
    • Standard providing tools
    • Providing the necessary devices (templates)
    • Defining roles
    • Setting and conducting metrics measures


    MEDEA is a methodology based on processes that are grouped in 7 disciplines:

    • Project management
    • Configuration management
    • Requirements
    • Analysis and design
    • Development
    • Software quality
    • Deployment.

    MEDEA provides rules, techniques and tools to ease the management of a project of software development, from conception until its closure.

    Lainfraestructura MEDEA includes all necessary tools for its implementation:

    • Version Control: Subversion
    • Continuous Integration: Hudson
    • Incident management: A PICNIC
    • UML modeling: Astash UML
    • Displays prototyping: Evolus Width
    • Modeling Database: Oracle Data Modeler
    • Development Framework: FundeWeb
    • Subversion client: Tortoise and SubEclipse


    Quality Control of the Software:

    • Selenium IDE,
    • Jmeter,
    • Webdeveloper Toolbar,
    • Studio Cakes Accesibility Tool

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