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Profile of implementation of DCAT portals for European data

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    SEMIC - European Commission
    Within the initiatives on semantic interoperability, the European commission has defined a profile of application of the vocabulary DCAT published by W3C to describe catalogs of data from three key concepts: catalogue, dataset (dataset) and distribution. DCAT-AP has two extensions: GeoDCAT-AP to describe geospatial data sets, series of data sets and services; and StatDCAT-AP to describe statistical data sets.

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    El Área de Semántica de la S.G. de Coordinación de Unidades TIC de la Secretaría General de Administración Digital, como miembro de la Comunidad de Interoperabilidad Semántica de la Comisión Europea (SEMIC).


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    Common vocabulary (semantic Standard)
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    Government and the public Sector, energy
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    Within the program ISA2 (Opens in new window) de la Comisión Europea, la iniciativa Comunidad de Interoperabilidad Semántica ( SEMIC (Opens in new window) ) has published a profile of application of the vocabulary of Data catalogues (DCAT) defined by the consortium W3C.

    DCAT-AP surge para resolver la interoperabilidad de los catálogos de datos y, en particular, los publicados mediante los open data portals public administrations in the context of the HAT. Furthermore, the use of this common vocabulary enables also search functionality of data in different catalogues, which provides a clear added value to the sector infomediario.

    The three key concepts that constitute the DCAT-AP are:

    1. Catalogue: as a collection of data sets
    2. Dataset (dataset): as data collection
    3. Pattern: como forma concreta de acceder a un conjunto de datos específico (como un archivo en un formato determinado o una API con una tecnología concretas)

    Several countries, including Spain, have spread the DCAT-AP to better meet their specific needs.

    StatDCAT-AP (Opens in new window) is an extension of DCAT-AP which provides a vocabulary data for statistical open fully compatible with the repositories of data based on DCAT-AP. In its elaboration, SEMIC has worked with Eurostat (Opens in new window) and CONNECT DG (Opens in new window) .

    GeoDCAT-AP (Opens in new window) it is also an extension of DCAT-AP that enables the search data through several portals of data, such as those offered by the Geo-Portal INSIPIRE, for spatial data infrastructures nationally and by the geospatial community that uses standards such as ISO 19115/19139. For its development SEMIC has collaborated with the Joint Research Centre (Opens in new window) , CONNECT DG (Opens in new window) and Room of publications of the UE (Opens in new window) .


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