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Audit of safety of information systems -Reglamento General data protection

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    Is an application that enables the organization to keep a record of activities of processing of personal data as well as to facilitate the implementation of the rest of obligations of the General regulation of data protection (RGPD), including the realization of risk analysis and the impact assessment and determination of protection measures arising out. for this is based on a series of questionnaires carefully made that each responsible for Treatment of personal data must be completed on treatments under its responsibility.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Labour ministry, migrations and Social security
    Branch of work, migrations and Social security
    S.G. Technologies of the information and communications
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    Standardisation and regulation
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    Government and the public Sector
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    The goal is to implement the Regulation (HAT) 2016 / 679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND of the board of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the treatment of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

    ASSI-RGPD is an application that allows each responsible for processing of personal data the following activities, for each of the treatments of personal data (TDP) of which is responsible:

    • Provide the necessary information of each TDP to be included in the register of treatment activities required by the General regulation of data protection (RGPD).
    • Perform risk analysis and the impact assessment. This will determine the security package of National security Scheme (NHIS), measures ENS Type I or measures ENS Type II, to apply for securizar the treatment of personal data.
    • Verify compliance with the rest of regulatory aspects of RGPD.

    These activities are carried out by completing a series of questionnaires by those responsible of TDP for each TDPs under its responsibility.

    It presents a series of reports, documents, etc, with the aim of helping in the fulfilment of the obligations that sets the RGPD.


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