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Payment gateway

  • Functional description

    Features for the body:

    La Pasarela aporta un servicio Web para realizar las peticiones de pago de tasas, así como herramientas de administración que sirven generar informes y recuperar información sobre las operaciones realizadas.

    The system has the following components:

    Payment component . Is responsible for checking, perform and record the requests made to banks through the AEAT.

    May be of three types:

    • Petición de pago de tasas: Permite pagar a través de cargo en cuenta o tarjeta del ciudadano, devolviendo el resultado de la operación. Si todo ha ido correctamente, se recibe el Número de Referencia Completo (NRC) ó identificador electrónico del pago.
    • Consulting payments: Facilitates unforeseen resolution with which you can find the citizen, as can be a loss of communication at the time of payment. for this the gateway provides a transaction of consultation on a previous payment. This function has the same requirements that the function of payment and performs a check in each of the circuit systems, allowing an answer reliable. Allows You to consult the Financial Entity a payment made previously, resulting, if the payment was correct, the NRC of such payment.
    • Verification of NRC: allows to check the validity of a NRC.

    Administration tool : Is a WEB application whose functionality is:

    • Recuperar información sobre las operaciones realizadas, tanto de pago, como de consulta de pago y de verificación de NRC realizadas a través de la Pasarela de Pagos.
    • Update the information of banking entities partners via a web service with the AEAT.
    • Provide statistical information of operations.
    • Add and modify forms of payment.

    Technical Description


    The transactional kernel the payment gateway is developed with J2EE architecture, which can run on the following application servers and its different versions that are detailed below, along with other components and operating systems:

    • Sistema Operativo: Linux (RH EL3, Suse Linux Enterprise 9), Solaris, Windows(Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP )
    • Axis 1.4
    • Java JDK 1.4.2

    El sistema de almacenamiento utilizado es una base de dato relacional cuya persistencia se desarrolla mediante Ibatis. El componente de pago puede utilizar los siguientes sistemas de gestión de base de datos:

    • Oracle (a partir de la versión 8.1.7) 9 o 10g (recomendado)
    • MySQL Server (starting in version 4.1)
    • SQL-SERVER 2000
    • Informix 9.4 and 11.0

    Apart from the necessary libraries for the functioning of Watch, that come with the own distribution, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

    • Java virtual machine 1.2 or above.
    • Web container with support for the specifications of JSP 1.1 and Servlet 2.2.
    • Parser XML that meets the specification of JAXP 1.1.
    • : Francisco Axis 1.4
    • Server certificate: Agencies need to possess a certificate of individual, legal or component issued by an authority of the registered by the AEAT. There is also to send the serial number and the public part of this certificate in procedures for authorization to use the service of AEAT. This certificate is used in communications SCSP that occur with the AEAT.


    Communications are based on Francisco, i.e. SOAP with XML.

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