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Statistical dissemination system OpenJRubik

  • Functional description

    Description of the features:

    • Creation of statistical publications in formats HTML, PDF, Excel and Docbook.
    • Integration with JCsp for the control statistical confidentiality using deletion of cells (CSP).

    Requirements of use:

    • Java 1.6
    • Web Container (+ JSP Taglibs)
    • Mondrian 3.1 or higher or source OLAP compatible XMLA
    • Database backend compatible JDBC

    Technical Description

    • The publication formats: HTML, PDF, Excel and Docbook.
    • Integrates with JCsp
    • Requires Java 1.6 or higher and Web container.
    • Development in Java language.
    • Employs Mondrian, MDX, XMLA and JPivot.

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