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Management and Appropriateness of units and spaces

  • Indicators:
    • The application has an inventory 30.428 articles, a total of people 2190 in 17 buildings allocated in 1163 spaces.
    • Users of the application 3.

    Functional description

    Manage the spaces of the ministry: Space is defined as any area within a building that is cataloged in UNICA. Since the application to manage the additional information and the occupation of the same (Plant, Type of space, area, capacity Divisions, windows, Air Conditioning Partial use and comments

    • Assign a space information
    • Edit the information of a space
    • Assign a person to a space
    • Switch to a person of space
    • Associate a space to divisions
    • Low logic of dispatches

    Allow the query and display the information of spaces, people, location and objects

    • Search for multiple criteria spaces
    • Search for persons multiple criteria
    • Search for inventory by multiple criteria
    • Search for people without space
    • Search for empty spaces or with free site
    • Search for complete or spaces overcrowded
    • Detail of a space
    • Detail of a person
    • Detail of an object
    • Search for inconsistencies

    Enable the generation of posters

    • Short poster Printing
    • Long poster Printing
    • Custom poster Printing
    • Printing of the list of spaces
    • Printing of the list of persons
    • Printing of the inventory list
    • Poster Printing directory

    Enable the generation of reports and print

    • Surface office
    • Surface office (expanded)
    • Each detailed
    • Distribution of uses and surfaces
    • Surface of buildings grouped by plant
    • Surface of buildings by plants grouped by office
    • Distribution of surfaces by building and floor
    • Surface of buildings by plants grouped by office in detail of people
    • Reports of minimal space and used by office depending on the recommendation of public function
    • Inventory reports

    Maintenance tasks data

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    Technical Description