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Store: dispatch and receipt of large files

  • Functional description

    The implementation of requests for Material's main functions:

    • Sending large documents: The maximum size accepted is configurable, though, by default allows up to 150MB documents
    • Shipment to multiple users or public access: Allows to specify one or more users, or a public access to the document for anyone who accesses.
    • Settings configure notifications: notification of reading or download intended beneficiaries
    • Configuration of expiry of transmittalpast: the time specified, the shipment and its documentation is deleted.

    Technical Description

    The implementation of management systems is a party whose origin of the delegation of Government in Madrid and has been advanced by the SGTIC the MAP.

    This application is a Web environment and characteristics underlying such development are:

    • MySql 5:database of implementation
    • Apache 2: web server with SSL enabled
    • PHP 5.3:for the development of user interface shown in HTML.
    • Symfony 1.4:PHP development framework
    • jquery

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