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Portal of Electronic Signature

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    The Portal of electronic signature is a website that seeks to bring and make more accessible electronic signatures to citizens and businesses. Is structured around a series of tutorials on the basic operation signature and validation of electronic signatures and around concepts related to the signature, as digital certificates, the process of signature validation platforms, legal aspects, etc.
    Target audience:
    Citizen, company, Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    Center of attention to Users:

    Address: Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations
    Overall direction of Administrative Modernisation, procedures and momentum of E-government
    Att Portal of Electronic Signature
    (C/mary of Molina, 50
    - 28071 MADRID

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
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    Organic Area:
    Functional Area:
    Government and public Sector, Personal Documents
    Not implemented
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    The passage of a paper-based Administration to the E-government required interaction between the citizen and the administration by electronic means alone. Since the citizen identifies the start of the procedure until its completion by signing the documentation generated is necessary to use electronic media.

    Basic parts that make this relationship electronics are electronic certificates, and by means of the electronic signature.

    The goal of the Signature Portal is precisely do more understandable and close to both citizens and businesses all concepts related to the electronic signatures and certificates.

    El portal está estructurado en dos secciones destinadas la primera a ciudadanos y la segunda a empresas por las peculiaridades que presenta cada uno en el uso y frecuencia de la firma electrónica.

    Within each section can distinguish two Main areas:

    • A demonstration area or learning where the user is taught how to perform certain actions of electronic signature using different applications and websites.
    • Una segunda área de contenido explicativo sobre conceptos y temas relacionados con la firma electrónica: tipos de firmas, formatos de las firmas, uso de los certificados electrónicos, requisitos técnicos para usar la firma, base legal, etc.

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