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Payment gateway

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    Esta plataforma facilita la implantación del pago telemático en las aplicaciones que gestionan trámites que conlleven el pago de tasas, en los Organismos de la Administración General del Estado.
    Target audience:
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation
    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Network service insertable in customer applications

    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):

    Please remember that the focus is accessible SÓLO FOR APPLICATION DEVELOPERS OF The public administrations.

    To communicate an incidence or support request to the center of attention to Integrators and developers (CAID) fill the Web form of opening of applications for technical support. (Opens in new window)

    Business hours from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:30 08:30 15:00 and Friday.

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, economic and financial management, support to the processing electronics
    Functional Area:
    Economics and finance, government and the public Sector, personal documents
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    JAVA, J2EE
    Operating system:


    Payment gateway to facilitate the citizen fees formalities related with the General administration of the state via the Internet.

    La pasarela de pagos permite al organismo dar un servicio de electronic payment fees to the citizen via Internet . With this, the citizens that management must perform, since, coupled with the electronic process, you can make the payment of easy way and without having to travel to the corresponding entity.

    The project, currently, has a single model of service, which is the service “ epago ”. The Service “ epago ” is a centralized payment service via web service. The agency does not need to introduce anything in its infrastructure.

    La pasarela permite el pago de tasas a la AEAT así como la consulta de los pagos y la verificación del Número de Referencia Completo (NRC).

    Also provides a centralized solution for the management and consultations of reports of the gateway (epago-gestión). Each Agency ePago user will have access to the Web application of management.


    El proyecto está basado en llamadas a servicios web. Por tanto, no se requiere software ni hardware específico.

    IT requires a c ertificado server : Es necesario que los organismos posean un certificado de persona física, jurídica o de componente emitido por alguna autoridad de las homologadas por la AEAT. Además hay que enviar el número de serie y la parte pública de este certificado en los trámites de autorización de uso del servicio de la AEAT. Este certificado se usa en las comunicaciones SCSP que se producen con la AEAT.

    The citizen can be used to identify in its relationship with the public administration digital Certification, Cl@ve Pin or Cl@ve Permanent.


    25 April 2018

    Inscripciones realizadas en los procesos selectivos de la A.G.E. a través de la Pasarela de Pagos. Unshade accordion

    Durante el primer trimestre de 2018, se han realizado más de 82.000 pagos electrónicos para la inscripción en alguno de los procesos selectivos abiertos que posibilitan el acceso a la Administración General del Estado.

    The service provides the citizen enrolment 24/7 from a device with Internet connection, saving you a saving of time and displacement to points for registration and administration simplifying administrative management.

    09 February 2017

    New methods: allow All payments can be electronic Unshade accordion

    Production is in the new development of the gateway of payments, allows all payments rates of an electronic form. The new methods allow a public employee authorised agency in sender's name of payment can make the payment of the rate for its management. If the citizen decides to perform the procedure on the Web of identification agency can make using the electronic certification or CL@ve PIN.

    01 January 2016

    New functionalities of the payment Gateway Unshade accordion

    Has been changed the procedure for the payment of fees can be carried out with international code of Bank Account (I.B.A.N.).

    Has adapted the application to the format of electronic signature. For the payment into account and for the credit card payment is used the format CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures) in its basic specification (EPES class) or explicit mode dettached (does not include signed data in the signature itself).

    06 July 2012

    CAID forms Unshade accordion

    On 5 July has been updated version of WEB form of technical support request to CAID.

    Provides access to the same since the portal PAe-CTT through a link located in the section Related Links of the pages of common services and general information for each of the services to which supports the CAID. It can also be accessed through the link https ://

    Key developments:

    • Includes a prior registration of user in the system, in order to facilitate the creation of subsequent requests.
    • Se puede aportar información adicional a un caso ya abierto directamente a través del formulario, con el número de ticket, sin necesidad de enviar correo electrónico.
    • In the form's page with a link to the user manual to request technical support.
    22 October 2010

    New financial entities affixed to the payment of fees Unshade accordion

    79 Financial Entities, essentially Rural Boxes have been incorporated as partners in the payment of fees, through the payment Gateway to the mode of payment with credit card.
    117 Entidades Financieras permiten el pago de tasas a través de cargo en cuenta.

    22 October 2010

    Partner agencies in the project, operational on-line Unshade accordion

    The justice ministry has available payment of the following rates: Certificate of Criminal records, Certificate of Last Wills, Contracts Certificate
    Sure coverage of Death. The Interior ministry, the registration rate
    y publicidad de asociaciones y el Ministerio de la Presidencia, la Inscripción
    Selective evidence and verification of NRC to rates 052 053 054 055 057,
    058,  059, 060, 061 y 062. El Ministerio de Cultura, la Tasa para la calificación y/o la
    certificates of qualification of the film or its progress.

    22 October 2010

    The ministry of Culture incorporates Telematic Payment Unshade accordion

    Since October 2008 the ministry of culture, has made available to the film companies, a set of utilities for clothing and fees managed by the institute in cinema and Audiovisual arts. Are available in the option of ICAA Telematic Payments, your virtual office.

    08 September 2008

    Partner agencies in the project payment Gateway Unshade accordion

    The project involves ministries of culture, Interior, justice, education, and chair, agencies General Direction of traffic, General Direction of the police and the Civil guard, the Spanish Office of patents and trademarks and the state security Agency.


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