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  • Since 1988 has been produced annually the report “ information technologies and communication Estado-Informe administration REINA ”.

    After the last modification by royal decree law 806/2014, 26 September, creates the commission of TIC Strategy, among others, the role of “ act as Observatory of the E-government and Digital Transformation ” taking over to the High Council of E-government. To this end, the commission of the TIC Strategy of “ information collection of technological resources, human, economic and related to information technologies ” and published in the Portal E-government (PAe) combined presenting the results of these studies.

    The report REINA presents a quantitative analysis of the sector of information technologies and communications in the state administration collecting economic aggregates and most significant indicators of same, together with the most representative characteristics of the park of computer resources, making at the same time a contrast with other public and private sectors.

    The report is based on the information gathered from all parts of the General administration of the State.

    The Report is done, therefore, with an annual basis and restricted to its traditional scope, the General administration of the State.


    Royal Decree 806/2014, 19 September on organization and operational instruments of the TIC at the AGE (Opens in new window) .

    Order of the Ministry for public administrations of 9 June 1988 (Opens in new window) approving the realization of an information system of computing resources of the state administration and the collection of initial information


    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence.
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration.

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