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The Internet pages of public administrations should contain a statement of accessibility (usually in a section called Accessibility) in which clearly indicates the information about the level of accessibility of the same, the date on which became the revision of the level of accessibility declared and a method of contact to communicate incidences of accessibility. However this statement does not need to be associated with a certification process.

Compliance with the rules of accessibility can be certified (optionally) through bodies certification. Specifically in the area English exist Spanish certification accessibility. There are also different companies that after a process of accessibility audit of a web portal offers the possibility to include in the portal their accessibility stamps individuals.

Spanish certification accessibility

This certification is based on compliance UNE 139803:2012 and offers two types of certifications:

  • Certificate of conformity: Certifies that the website meets the requirements of the reference norm at the time of issuing the certificate, but not brings up annually audit. Therefore is not attached license brand.
  • Certificate of Accessibility TIC (Websites): AENOR (Opens in new window) certifies that the website complies with the accessibility guidelines of this standard. But also, through monitoring audits, ensures that maintains in time their level of accessibility. Why is also granted the license to use the brand N of accessibility TIC.

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Certifications of companies

ILUNION technology and Accessibility (Opens in new window) , a company of the eleven and its foundation, renders at international level different certifications for sites and services based on web technology. In Addition, also certifies accessibility of native mobile applications based on operating systems and Android me, which are the ones that offer at present basic features of accessibility.

Certifications are based on the accessibility guidelines for the contents in the Web 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), defined by the W3C and takes as a reference for the certification process the Unified Methodology of evaluation of Web accessibility (UWEM) (updated to ensure compatibility with WCAG 2.0 and UNE 139803:2012).

The hallmarks issued by ILUNION associated with a certification process that ensures the maintenance the level achieved, since semiannual audits accessibility for 2 years of the label.

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