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Inclusive E-government: accessibility

La Administración Electrónica Inclusiva es un concepto amplio que abarca todas las medidas encaminadas a conseguir que los beneficios de la Administración Electrónica se extiendan al conjunto de los ciudadanos, con independencia de su capacidad económica o su nivel de alfabetización digital.

The best known of its fields of action is accessibility of the web content although transcends the same with measures such as the use of public purchase as a lever of product development inclusive, the multicanalidad of public services or social collaboration in bridging the digital divide.

It is important to highlight that the social effects of the e-inclusión in public services electronics goes beyond the same accessible to those with limited economic or knowledge. A more inclusive public services are used more for all citizens, which are the same more usable, becoming vector of growth in the use of E-government. This circumstance, has made the E-government Inclusive a priority in the development of electronic public services in Spain, in particular, and Europa, in general, since the Ministerial declaration of Manchester (2005).


According to Article 2. Principles of law 51 / 2003 of 2 December, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for persons with disabilities:

“ (c) universal accessibility: the condition must comply settings, processes, goods, products and services, as well as the objects or instruments, tools and devices, to be understandable, usable and practicable by all persons in safety and comfort and most autonomous and natural as possible. ”

Specifically, within the PAe going to treat accessibility in information technologies and communication with a special emphasis on the websites accessible from the approach of public administrations.

“ said to a page or website is accessible when is designed and built for its contents and services are available to anyone, regardless of their capabilities visual, auditory, cognitive or motor and regardless of technology. ”

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