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Rules (standards) and good practices

The electronic document management of an organization will be based on good practices and consolidated rules at the national and international levels. This section contains links to the rules and good practices most relevant.

UNE-ISO 15489 (annulled by UNE-ISO 15489-1:2016)

01 march 2006

Information and documentation. Management.

UNE-ISO 30300:2011

28 december 2011

Information and documentation. Management systems to documents. Grounds and vocabulary.

UNE-ISO 23081-1:2008

16 july 2008

Information and documentation. Document management processes. Metadata for the management of documents. Part 1: Principles.

UNE-ISO/TR 26122:2008 IN

26 november 2008

Information and documentation. Analysis of the processes of work for the management of documents.

UNE 139803:2012

04 july 2012

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