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Los metadatos de gestión de documentos sirven para identificar, autenticar y contextualizar documentos. Mientras que  un esquema de metadatos define la incorporación y gestión de los metadatos de los documentos electrónicos a lo largo de su ciclo de vida. Esta sección ofrece recursos relativos al Esquema de Metadatos para la Gestión del Documento Electrónico.

Metadata document management

The generic definition of ‘ metadata ’, as shown in the national Schema Interoperability, is “ data that defines and describes other data ". There are different types of metadata according to their implementation.

The article 42 of the royal decree 1671/2009 (Opens in new window) , 6 November, to develop common provisions on electronic documents, defines ‘ metadata ’ as “ any kind of information in electronic form associated with electronic documents, instrumental nature and independent of its contents, for the immediate and automatable knowledge of any of its characteristics, with the aim of ensuring the availability, access, conservation and interoperability of the document itself ”.

The Royal Decree 4/2010 also defines ‘ metadata records management ’ as “ structured information or semiestructurada that makes possible the creation, management and use of documents over time in the context of its creation. The metadata of document management serve to identify, authenticate and contextualizing documents, and similarly to people, processes and systems that create, manage, service and using ”.

Likewise, defines ‘ metadata schema ’ as “ instrument which defines the incorporation and metadata management of content, context and structure of electronic documents throughout their life cycle. ”

The document and electronic file minimum metadata are mandatory and can incorporate complementary metadata. Norma Técnica de Interoperabilidad de Política de gestión de documentos electrónicos trafficking in his VII allocation of metadata.

The Metadata schema for the management of Electronic Document (e-EMGDE) (Opens in new window) mentioned by the technical standard of interoperability of policy of electronic document management (VII.4, may be used as a reference and support tool for the adequacy of each organization to the requirements of interoperability in management of documents.

The schema e-EMGDE states:

  • The conceptual model which supports the model of metadata, its properties and its rationale.
  • La descripción de cada uno de los elementos y sub-elementos de metadatos, a través de la descripción de cada una de sus características: definición, propósito, obligatoriedad, etc.
  • Values schemes required to complete the values of the elements of metadata relevant.
  • References to standards used as a basis, as well as other rules of possible usefulness.

The Example of application of metadata Schema for the management of Electronic Document (e-EMGDE) (Opens in new window) shows an example of how to apply the outline of metadata for the management of Electronic Document for an electronic document that will be exchanged and, therefore, must contain the minimum mandatory metadata from a functional perspective.



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