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Legal and technological initiatives

01 - Legal Profession. WEB, SOA, paperless office hours and teleworking

David Sánchez Hernández
General legal profession

02 - System for telematics accountability of annual accounts and the quarterly and annual information of public-Sector entities foundational and Business (

Andrés Barreiro Pérez
General state administration

03 - The monitoring of services. A necessity for the implementation of law 11/2007

Francisco Borja garcía de la Noceda Márquez
Administration of the principality of Asturias

04 - Intraestructuras optimization backup

Marcos Called Pérez, Emilio Raya López
The ministry of economy and finance Assistant.

05 - On the electronic control

Pedro Cañas Navarro
General state administration

06 - The project of the data dictionary of Computing the management of Social security

Jorge Manrubia Díez, Eugenio Bezares Ruiz
Ministry of labour and immigration. Management of Social security

07 - Information and communication technologies in the spanish presidency of the council of the european Union during the first half of 2010

Javier Morales Door
Ministry of industry, tourism and trade

08 - A Cartographic Registration coordinated between the public

Carmen Sanabria Pérez
The National Geographical Institute

09 - The national Interoperability

Miguel A. Amutio Gómez
Ministry of the presidency

10 - The national security

Miguel A. Amutio Gómez
Ministry of the presidency

11 -Servicio telephone Line, and the citizen of the national Social security institute. Compliance with the law 11/2007

Eugenio the brunette, Luis Agudín Gridilla red
Computer management of Social security

12 - The property information system (SIP) in Santiago de Compostela: a Web-based tool for dissemination of knowledge and heritage

Pedro Alive White
Ministerio de Fomento. National centre for Geographic Information

13 - The certification service provider of the ministry of labour and immigration

Antonio Sanz Pulido
Ministry of labour and immigration

14 - The project of appropriateness to the law of data protection of the spanish patents and trademark bureau

Carlos Turmo white, Félix Serrano Delgado
Spanish patents and trademark bureau

15 - The Electronic Site of the directorate-General of the treasury and Financieera Policy

San Martín Cordon Almudena
Ministry of economy and finance — directorate General of the treasury and financial policy issues

16 - Implementation of law 11/2007 in the area of the punitive procedure of the General directorate of Trafficking

Jacinto Darriba!
Ministry of Interior - dirección General de

17 - National security and protection of personal data

Ramón Miralles López
Catalan agency for data Protection

18 - Importance of free software in the construction of portals of service

Fernando Humanes Pereira
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

19 - Approach to the citizen: Newsletter of the community of Madrid (e-BOCM)

Concepción García Dieguez, Mario Fidel Rodríguez
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

20 - Madrid digital region

Amador Sánchez Sánchez
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid