PAe - Developments of the ecosystem of open (summer 2021)
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Developments of the ecosystem of open (summer 2021)

16 september 2021

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The platform Datos.gob.es hece overview of developments in the ecosystem of open during the past few months.

Since the beijing platform Datos.gob.es (Opens in new window) it has compiled a number of achievements and most significant projects in order to translate progress in the field of open data.

The most prominent examples that have been given until the summer period in our country are:

The development of the Digital Agenda

In july it was announced the incorporation of Alberto Palomo Lozano, the new Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Spain (Opens in new window) . Leads the office of the Data of the secretariat of Digitization status and Artificial intelligence. Its aim is to define a national strategy to respond to the main challenges of the economy of the data.

In addition, state projects related to the Digital Agenda of our country and data:

  • The national hub GAIA-X, driven by the secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence to deploy the economy of the data and support the leadership of spaces of data in strategic sectors, such as tourism and health. act of presentation (Opens in new window) was held in parallel to the opening of a expression of interest (Opens in new window) for sectoral industries would help define and adhere to such an ecosystem of data-sharing.
  • The Digital bill of rights (Opens in new window) a set of principles and rights to guide future policy projects and the development of public policies, guaranteeing the rights of citizenship in the Digital divide. The document sets out some projections where ownership is an unquestionable data (Opens in new window) .

Government's drive open and collaborative partnerships público-privadas

In recent months, the government of Navarra has adopted its I Plan 2021-2023 open governance (Opens in new window) Among the commitments outlined a strategy of empowerment, and russian interoperability between data platforms open.

Other growth público-privadas partnerships for the momentum of open data. See the various examples:

  • The city of Alcobendas has created a The Advisory Council open database (Opens in new window) that brings together managers and technicians, as well as representatives of civil society. This is a consultative body that will promote the publication of new data and their use.
  • The Generalitat valenciana is renewed cooperation with the Universitat de València (Opens in new window) to contribute to development and operation of the chair of open government PAGODA, participation and Open Data.
  • Asedie and the Generalitat de Catalunya have signed a General Protocol of action in the field of open data (Opens in new window) to make progress in opening up of databases and to boost their reuse.
  • The university of Huelva becomes the sixth spanish university to join the initiative UniversiData (Opens in new window) a project where spanish universities collaborate with the company Dimetrical (Opens in new window) . This project offers open database linked to higher education in Spain a homogenised outside regulation by increasing their use and value.

Solutions based on new technologies and data

Various agencies and companies have announced in recent months, innovative projects, many of them linked to the implementation of technologies of artificial intelligence or advanced analysis of data:

  • The Initiative Open Data presented the Barcelona digital tool The Dades x Commerce (Opens in new window) , designed to strengthen the neighbourhood businesses through the use of open data.
  • The buses of Zaragoza incorporated Navilens (Opens in new window) , a digital system accessible using the open data portal of the city. It will help blind in locating stops and receive information in audio format on the times and implications of the service.
  • In the framework of OpenKnowledge project, are designed new computer algorithms (Opens in new window) to identify, capture and extract information of value of the catalogues of open data in valencia, spain and the european Union.

Momentum of reuse through competitions and contests

A way of furthering the reuse, it is through competitions aimed at entrepreneurs and business:

  • We started the summer with the end of the III Challenge Brings (Opens in new window) to promote the use of open data as a basis for solutions they produce improvements in the education sector. The 8 july winners are met: Draft UniversiData-Lab, TIM and EducaWood (Opens in new window) won the first, second and third prize respectively.
  • At the end of spring forth also the winners of the Datathon2021 (Opens in new window) at the Universitat politècnica de València (UPV). ‘ Predictor of Tourist Rate ’, 'Management of hospital beds for patients covid-19' and ‘ Organic ’ are the names of the projects in the victors 3 categories of health, agriculture and tourism.
  • EduCaixaChallenge 2021 awarded to students in a public centre Pozuelo (Opens in new window) , which recognized the relationship between the incidence of the pandemic and per capita income.

Developments in data platforms open

The data platforms open nor have stopped in summer, incorporating new features. Let us look at some examples, from the launching of new portals and the incorporation of new features or sets of data:

In addition, the Spanish Institute of statistics (ICANE) has been incorporated into the national Open Data. from now on, you can access the statistical information of the autonomous community in reusable formats from our website.

It is noteworthy that not only public agencies increasingly open data, but also private businesses are climbing the chariot of open data. It Is the case of Sanniti to outer space FutureHealth (Opens in new window) for to share knowledge, data and developments in health (Opens in new window) through new technologies.

Initiatives to boost knowledge related to the data

iversos agencies are also pushing capacities related to the data through various guides produced and courses addressed to both reutilizadores publishing partners such as:

  • The Generalitat de Catalunya has published the “ Implementation guide for the standardization of metadata catalogue open data (Opens in new window) ”, with criteria and standards to unify the publication of data in the region. Aimed at open data of the different departments, it is also available in english (Opens in new window) .
  • The Service of gis and Remote Sensing of the university of Girona launch site EduSat (Opens in new window) under the slogan 'WE despised guard explorers and the earth from space!'. This resource materials designed to harmonise the remote sensing to the non-specialist audience in addition to providing material support to teachers, students and researchers from all educational levels.
  • It has published the 7th edition of " Dictionary of concepts and terms of the E-government (Opens in new window) ".Entre, includes other definitions that deal with open data that may be of interest to you.
  • Two professors from the university of Oviedo have published an study (Opens in new window) where some graphical visualization tools for data online open budgetary aspects of public administrations.

Other news of interest in europe

  • At european level, EU Datathon 2021 (Opens in new window) , organized by the office of publications and the presidency of the council of the European Union, published its finalists. They include a spanish team, CleanSpot (Opens in new window) , a solution to boost awareness-raising and incentives for the recycling by gamificación. The winners will be available on 25 november 2021, within the framework of the THE US Open Data Days (Opens in new window) the first Days, open database of the european union, which might be to online.

All these examples - which are only one muestra- shows that we are faced with a sound ecosystem open database that does not rest or summer. We will see what lies ahead, an autumn that will primarily involve new events, such as EsRi conference Spain (Opens in new window) , International Congress on open access and reuse of public sector information (Opens in new window) , VI International Congress of transparency (Opens in new window) , or those already mentioned THE US Open Data Days (Opens in new window) among others.

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