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Continued progress of the e-mail address is Only enabled

19 july 2021

There is a good acceptance of the e-mail alerts.

The E-Mail Address is Enabled Only in its consolidation as a Single point of notifications for all governments to increase gradually the number of agencies with their issuers notifications through the platform, as a whole more than 2 million notifications and communications during the month of june.

In addition, we also note the increase in visits and in the hearings conducted, reaching in the first week of july more than 1.2 million visits and over 42,000 hearings to notifications. This is an indication, the good acceptance of the functionality launch recently that define e-mail addresses to receive updates on provision of administrative notices.

It also continues to make progress in equipping the E-Mail Address Is unique Enabled more functionality to allow a better user experience, whilst ensuring that the building and security of the system, in that regard is going to have a form of interactive issuer to easily identify the agencies already put their notifications through Dehú.

We also recall that for the major beneficiaries administrative notifications is available an automated appearance that opens the door to be able to integrate the appearance and distribution of notifications within systems of business management.

You can consult the details Technical specifications for access as a major Recipient (Opens in new window)

More information in the resolution Dehú (Opens in new window) of PTT (Opens in new window) .

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