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PAe - Published the report QUEEN 2018
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Published the report QUEEN 2018

21 November 2018

The report QUEEN Logo

It has published the report QUEEN 2018, which presents an analysis of the most significant indicators of the TIC sector 2017 in the General administration of the state

Is now available for consultation on REINA 2018 "href =" / pae _ Home / en / pae _ OBSAE / pae _ Reports / pae _ InformeREINA / pae _ InfDescarga.html "> Report REINA 2018 with the analysis of indicators more representative of the situation and use of systems and information technologies and communication in the AGE, as well as staff TIC employee. The information has been updated to 1 January 2018, being the period of the survey corresponds to the year 2017.

The Commission of strategy TIC (created by Royal Decree 806 / 2014, 26 September) has among its functions “ act as Observatory of the E-government and Digital Transformation "and is responsible for the development of This Report.

REINA has been published annually since 1988 but in this edition, unlike the previous, has not been published jointly with the report of electronic administration in the Local administration ( IRIA ), since it will proceed to its publication as separate reports

El informe en base a los datos que proporcionan las organizaciones de la Administración General del Estado, Organismos Autónomos, Entidades Gestoras y Servicios Comunes de la Seguridad Social, Agencias Estatales, Entidades Públicas Empresariales y otros Organismos Públicos participantes. En él se analizan  diferentes aspectos relacionados con los gastos TIC, el parque informático actualizado de la AGE, software utilizado, personal TIC empleado y una breve descripción del avance de la administración en red.

Results, during the year 2017 in the General administration of the state, expenditures TIC reached $1,439 billion, representing a decrease of 9.5% compared to 1,592 million 2016. Breaks, so the upward trend of the past four years and is below 2015.

Excluding telecommunication costs, the total volume of IT costs reached $1.182 billion euros a 10.6% lower than last year. The departure of computer services is the one that has declined over the previous year, nearly 30%, reaching almost 515 million euros.

This edition does not include the report IRIA since this study has been updated to contemplate new trends in electronic administration, and published separately.

The figures contained in the report REINA posted on the formats prosecutable XLSX and ODS that form part of our policy RISP. The full report can be downloaded in the Observatory of E-government .

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