PAe - presenting UniversiTIC 2016
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Submission of UniversiTIC 2016

21 april 2017

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Published the UniversiTIC 2016, the new edition of the report prepared by the commission's ict sector CRUE. This report offers the most complete x-ray, on the status of ict in the spanish university system.

The past 16 march was presented at the headquarters of Crue Spanish Universities in Madrid a new edition of the report UniversiTIC, for the year 2016, and developed by the sectoral commission Crue ict Spanish universities. This report offers the most complete x-ray, on the status of ict in the spanish university system.

The presentation of the 11th edition of UniversiTIC by the president of Crue Spanish Universities, second Píriz; the president of the sectoral commission Crue-TIC, Juan Gómez Ortega, and of the secretary-general of universities, Jorge Sáinz.

The president of Crue Spanish Universities, second Píriz, stressed the high level of participation in public and private universities in the report, and noted that “ while the budget spent on universities to ict did not reach 5% recommended by the oecd, and have undergone some changes in technology and policy have impacted the industry, there has been a decrease in the ict services for the universities that offer. On the contrary, these difficulties have served to encourage collaborative work in this area universities with each other and with suppliers and public administrations ”.

For its part, the president of Crue-TIC and rector, university of jaén, Juan Gómez Ortega, introduced the main conclusions of the report, which highlighted as a “ one of the pioneers in europe ". The president of Crue-TIC described as “ healthy ” the status of YOU in spanish universities, although caution that “ the low budget allocated to this chapter -inferior to 2007 -, may affect the innovation, it is so important for the digital processing of universities.

The secretary-general of universities, Jorge Sáinz, also participated in the act of submission of the report, and stated that, although there are many opportunities for improvement, the spanish universities have nothing to envy to other university systems as regards information “ Jorge Sáinz conducted a brief presentation of some of the projects implemented by the ministry of education, culture and Sport in the field for universities, and which include plans for the promotion of e-administration and the introduction of cost accounting. Also, Jorge Sáinz expressed will of the “ ministry of work with Crue Spanish Universities this and other areas.

With regard to information technologies to support management processes should be noted that the automated management at the universities is already fully developed. Almost all universities have academic management applications automated and economic. Furthermore, universities have implemented almost 60 per cent of the elements
own e-government, to evolve positively with an increase of 6 per cent over the last edition. The availability of a payment gateway site, an electronic signature and the existence of a profile of the contractors, are the elements of electronic administration more established in more than three out of four universities.
services are implemented on the register, academic management and management of the academic activities of students.

In relation to the management of institutional knowledge, virtually all universities have a data warehouse or are in the process of introducing the system. In addition, the 66,67 per cent of the universities have a portal of transparency and 30 per cent have an initiative opendata or a plan of reuse of public sector information (RISP).

  • Interoperability
  • Infrastructure and common services