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CL@VE comes into operation, the common platform of identification, authentication and electronic signature of the public authorities

19 november 2014

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It is the platform for the entire public Sector Administrative State and will facilitate citizens access to electronic services provided by the AAPP.

Is set in motion in the public Sector Administrative State CL@VE system, to harmonize and simplify access electronic administration. Its main objective is that the citizens can identify to the administration through concerted keys (for example, user password), without having to remember different keys for accessing the various services.

It is a project promoted by the office of finance and Public Administrations, or through the information and communication technologies, with the special participation of the management of Social security and the national tax administration agency, and other agencies such as the General police directorate or directorate of Traffic.

CL@VE resolves the limitations of citizen identification

Cl@ve has been designed as a general system of identification, authentication and electronic signature, called to resolve the limitations of current systems, integrating existing concerted keys of the administration into one, opening its use to the entire Public Sector Administrative State, and also allowing integrated into the rest of the public authorities.

Cl@ve is a system designed to harmonize and simplify electronic access of citizens to public services and complements existing systems of access, such as the DNI-e and electronic certificates.

Why is born Cl@ve

At present, there are different systems of identification, authentication and electronic public access to digital services offered by the Administration. Systems based on electronic certificates are of universal use and access to all features of the administration, but their use can pose difficulties for some citizens by requiring basic technical knowledge.

For this reason, public administrations have supported other systems of identification and authentication based on the use of concerted keys or other cryptographic methods. These systems are not interoperable with each other, with the disorder that it poses to the citizen to have to learning and applying different systems according to the administration, the agency, service or to accede.

Cl@ve is born to unify all identification systems and electronic authentication, providing citizens with a Single access, easy and straightforward to public services electronically.

How to use the system Cl@ve

To use this system is necessary to register in the same, which may be done through the Internet, in the information of the same ( (Opens in new window) ), or in person in registration offices will operate as. Initially Record offices, the network of offices of the state agency for Tax administration and of the Entities and Common Services of Social security.

The Cl@ve system will provide citizens with two types of electronic identification based on the use of concerted keys:

  • Cl@ve PIN : Under this arrangement be able to access the electronic services through a password, formed by a key chosen by the most a code that you will receive on your mobile device and a very limited in time. Is aimed at users who access sporadically to services.
  • Permanent Cl@ve : Under this arrangement, access will be undertaken with an identifier (user) and a password that must be guarded by the citizen. Additionally, and when the course of action was required to do so may require a code which will be sent to the mobile device.

It is possible to use Cl@ve in different electronic services at the administration, as those offered by the following agencies:

  • The Social security treasury (Informal and frequent procedures included in your Social Security)
  • National Social security institute (services included in the portal of Your Social Security)
  • National tax administration agency (all the proceedings in which are currently allowed PIN24H system)
  • General Directorate of traffic (consultation points and background)
  • Ministry of Interior (Consultation of the state of my requests and My Procedures)

Gradually incorporate new agencies and their procedures to this system, so that at the end of 2015 citizens can use it in all services and electronic processing of the public Sector Administrative State.

The system shall extend to the rest of Public Administrations, by signing cooperation agreements.

Tax agency

Taxpayers that they were doing their procedures with the ‘ PIN 24 hours ’, regular access to your online transactions is now called "Cl@vePIN24H. Taxpayers ” already registered in the ‘ PIN ’, as before, must enter your ID CARD, the date of expiry of the same and a password of four digits of your choice to receive the PIN by sending a message to the mobile number that had already posted at the time when the initial registration.

With this PIN can access, as before, to the procedure applicants to, but, in advance, will receive a notice on the possibility of registration in Cl@ve slashed. If the button “ register in Cl@ve ” of the message will Cl@ve, whereas if they choose the option "at another time" may keep their original record in the ‘ PIN 24 hours ’.

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To be integrated with Cl@ve more information in the solution of the CTT Cl@ve

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Centre for technology transfer


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