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Assessment of the E-government in the european Union

09 june 2014

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Spain is among the first countries in having E-government focused on the citizen and is a leader in the provision of mechanisms for identification of citizens through The Internet.

The european commission has published the results of its periodic analysis compares the development of E-government in the european union and associated states. Once again Spain form part of the group of countries in the lead on availability of public services through the Internet and in the development of key services that facilitate E-government, as a means of digital identification so that citizens can make use of online services (to highlight the use of electronic certificates) or the ability to manage electronic documents in the various services. In particular especially noteworthy is the rate of progress on the use of key enabling e-government in the area of justice through the judicial process for small claims where Spain is in first position; and in all matters connected with the normal operations of a company, where both for his guidance to the needs for the citizen and the transparency of proceedings, is located in third in the ranking.

In the study are taken into account the data from 33 countries, and have analysed the following blocks of indicators:

  • Orientation of the service to citizens' needs
  • Transparency of the service
  • Mobility of citizens
  • Mobility of the company
  • Habilitadores clave de administración electrónica como la identificación electrónica, la remisión electrónica de documentos, etc.

Within the evaluation by the European Commission has also been carried out an online survey on E-government to Internet users in member states. The survey results put Spain above the community average in terms of use of E-government.

The results achieved by our country reflect the positive assessment of the spanish E-government at international level, confirming the trend towards improvement in 2012. The analysis of the european commission, would be followed throughout the year 2014. This year will continue to consider the situation of E-government from a perspective of vital events.

The new events are vital in the process of selection by the european commission supported by a group of experts from member states in which spain is represented by the General directorate of Administrative Modernization, procedures and to foster E-government reports to the secretary of state of Public administrations.

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