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Regulation of the autonomous community of the basque country

Selección de leyes y normativa de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco.

NOTE . It is a first approximation of legislation. There is a comprehensive compilation of this matter.

BASQUE PAÍS. Bureau of the Basque Parliament

12 june 2018

Resolución de 29 de mayo de 2018, de la Mesa del Parlamento Vasco, relativa a la Norma sobre Administración Electrónica.
BOVP: no. 112 of 12/06/2018

  • NOTE: Esta norma regula la utilización de los medios electrónicos en el Scope of the parliamentary administration . En concreto, se regula la sede electrónica, la identificación y autenticación de los usuarios y usuarias, el registro electrónico, los documentos electrónicos y su conservación, así como las comunicaciones electrónicas.

  • Electronic services
  • Identity and electronic signature

PAÍS VASCO. Consejería de Administración Pública y Justicia y Consejería de Hacienda y Finanzas

10 october 2016

Order of 27 september 2016 , the public administration and Justice and minister for Finance and finance, adopts the policy for the management of electronic documents of the public sector in the basque autonomy.
BOVP: no. 192, 10/10/2016

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  • Electronic services
  • Interoperability
  • Security

PAÍS VASCO. Convenio Gobierno Vasco con las Diputaciones Forales para intercambio de información por medios electrónicos

06 november 2015

A collaboration agreement between the basque government and “ juntas Forales ” of election Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, and these with each other, for the exchange of information by electronic means.
Date of the convention: 06/11/2015

  • NOTE : This Convention aims object set the terms and conditions for the exchange of information between the administration of the FALLS and election of These “ Juntas Forales ” and each other. It is also under this convention the brokering of data between administrations Of state and Government “ Juntas Forales ”.
    Overview of the convention: The main purpose of the convention is to facilitate the exercise of the right not to provide data and documents within the disposition of the public administration in the terms of article 6.2.b) of law 11/2007 of 22 june, that is, provided you have the consent of the persons concerned or as determined by Law
    Link to the text of the convention in (PDF)

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Interoperability

PAIS VASCO [Rule Foral 4/2014, in transparency]

11 march 2014

Rule Foral 4/2014, on 6 february, transparency and access to public information.
BOVP: No. 48, 11/03/2014

  • Open government

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of Interior, justice and public administration

15 january 2013

Order of 14 december 2012 of the Interior, justice and public administration, which regulates the electronic register of members from the government of the basque autonomy and creates and regulates the registration of authorized official personnel.
BOPV: 15/01/2013

  • Electronic services

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of Interior, justice and public administration

05 october 2012

Orden de 25 de septiembre de 2012, de la Consejera de Interior, Justicia y Administración Pública, por la que se aprueba la política de opening and reuse of software applications public administration of the basque autonomous Community.
BOVP: 05/10/2012

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of justice and public administration

27 july 2012

Orden de 27 de junio de 2012, de la Consejera de Justicia y Administración Pública, por la que se aprueba la política de firma electrónica y de certificados.
BOPV: 27/07/2012

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of justice and public administration

09 march 2012

Decree 21/2012, of 21 february, E-government.
BOPV: 09/03/2012
NOTE: Repeals: a) the Decree 232/2007, of 18 december, (Opens in new window) which regulates the use of electronic means, computer and telephone in administrative procedures (BOPV: 31/01/2008) .- (b) Article 3 (5) and chapter III Decree no. 72/2008 of 29 april (Opens in new window) (BOPV: 30/05/2008) .- (c) abolishes Order of 15/01/2009 (Opens in new window) publicada en BOPV:12/02/2009 por la que se regula el régimen de admisión de los certificados electrónicos.

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of justice and public administration

21 april 2010

Order of 26 february 2010, of the minister of justice and public administration, approving the Manual of security for the maintenance of information security of the General administration of the basque country and its Autonomous Bodies in the environment of computer applications that serve to support the processing telematics (e-administración).
BOPV: 21/04/2010

BASQUE PAÍS vice president of the Government.

30 may 2008

Decreto 72/2008, de 29 de abril, de creación, organización, y funcionamiento de los registros de la Administración General de la Comunidad Autónoma de Euskadi y sus Organismos Autónomos.
BOPV: 30/05/2008

BASQUE PAÍS. Department of public finance and administration

03 march 2006

Resolution of 9 february 2006, by the director of computing and telecommunications, approving the document that provides the technology platform for the E-administración -PLATEA-
BOPV: 03/03/2006

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