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Available the third action Plan of open government

18 July 2017

Through this Plan the government undertakes to develop 20 steps in transparency and participation during the period 2017-2019

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function has submitted the third action Plan of open government that committed the government to develop 20 steps in transparency and participation in the period 2017-2019 and that has been sent to the alliance to open government (Open Government Partnership), maximum international body regulating this area that covers 70 countries.

The plan is divided into five major axes: collaboration, participation, transparency, accountability and training, and for the development of the same is counted with the participation of the autonomous communities, local entities and civil society.

Among the measures of the plan, contains the commitment to improve and expand the contents of the website of transparency of the General administration of the state as well as address the regulatory development during this legislature of the law of transparency.

Strengthen the program Brings, opening to the public sector information, which will be the law on reuse of public sector information and expand the national catalog open data in a minimum of 20%.

In the field of justice, are intended to improve access to judicial information with measures such as the provision of citizens of more information on oral hearings, documents of judicial records, among others, as well as providing relay service streaming of certain court.

Moreover, it will train public employees in the principles, and strategies of open government, be sensitised civil society through information resources open and free, and will be included in education measures open government with activities in schools.

To develop all measures has been sectoral commission to work with the Autonomous Communities and a network of local entities to promote transparency policies at the local level. Furthermore, will be launched a forum for Open Government to work in consensus with players from civil society: academics, consumer organisations and users of the non-profit associations and organizations of the Third Sector.

The Third action Plan of open government already available for consultation.

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