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42 Municipalities of the Balearic Islands have already signed the convention of interoperability to share data

20 May 2014

La plataforma Pinbal (Plataforma d‘Interoperabilidad de Balears) permite compartir información e intercambiar datos entre administraciones.

Among the different projects of the Balearic Islands directed to modify and modernizing the administration, is Pinbal that is specially designed to improve administrative services provided to citizens and businesses, and also to public employees.

The platform Pinbal (Plataforma d ‘ interoperability of Balears) allows you to share information and data exchange between administrations, which makes it more agile and simplifies the procedures to citizens. Today, there are already 42 Municipalities that have signed the convention of interoperability in order to access this computing platform, in addition to the four Island Council, and several entities such as the Municipal Institute of Social Affairs, palm Active, and the Balearic Institute Infrastructure and Educational and cultural services.

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