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Time Stamping Authority Platform (TS@)

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    The Time Stamping Authority (TS@) makes time stamping, validation and restamping services available to public administrations.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Network service insertable in customers applications, Installable product
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    Organic area:
    Technical area:
    Support for the processing mail , Horizontal services for the AA.PP , Semantic Assets
    Functional area:
    Staff documents, Government and public sector
    Interoperability level:
    Technical, Political
    Programming language:
    Web Services, .NET, JAVA
    Operating system:
    Windows, Unix, Linux


    The Time Stamping Authority (TS@) offers time stamping services synchronised with the official time, including time stamp issue and validation. It is available to all public administrations, irrespective of the level of government: General Administration, Autonomous Communities, Provincial or Local Governments.

    TS@ ensures certification by a trustworthy third party of the date and time of any transaction or procedure by electronic means. Issuing a time stamp on a document gives evidence that the document exists at a given time.

    The validation interface can be used to validate previously issued time stamps or know whether a time stamp is valid on the current date. The restamping interface enables users to restamp previously issued time stamps.